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My "Why"


My passion lies in empowering a diverse range of individuals, including working professional women, gym novices, former athletes seeking a new fitness journey, brides-to-be embarking on a transformative path, and anyone aspiring to shed weight and enhance their overall fitness through a realistic + holistic approach.


What fuels my dedication is the genuine joy derived from assisting individuals in attaining their aspirations.

Witnessing clients unlock their inherent strength, conquer unexpected challenges, and surpass their own expectations is a source of immense satisfaction and joy for me. The elation that accompanies each client's stride towards a new milestone or the achievement of a previously elusive goal ignites a profound enthusiasm within me, propelling me to continuously expand my knowledge and refine my approach for their benefit. I believe that health is holistic, and help my clients focus not only on the physical, but mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and financial aspects of their overall health.

I am driven by the commitment to contribute meaningfully to their journeys, fostering a positive and lasting impact.


My Story

With a foundation rooted in a decade-long track and field journey from age 10 to a college-level at 21, my affinity for health and fitness has evolved but started young.

Transitioning from competitive running to strength training, I ventured into bodybuilding, achieving national qualification thrice since my debut in 2017. Over the past decade, I've immersed myself in the fitness industry, accumulating a wealth of experience as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, holding certifications in personal training, corrective exercise, and nutrition coaching and a few more in the works- including my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training!


My expertise extends beyond coaching; I've adeptly managed various facets, from crafting our website to overseeing e-commerce, social media content creation, and beyond. While online health and fitness coaching remain my central passion, I thrive as a versatile professional and “wearing many hats”.


Beyond my professional pursuits, I embody a realistic-holistic lifestyle. A former collegiate runner and intermittent national-level bodybuilder, I find joy in snowboarding, longboarding, paddleboarding, gardening, cooking, and relishing delicious meals.

My dogs (French Bulldogs) have shown me that I can love something stronger than I knew possible. While I love them so much, I do love all animals and nature deeply, and have been a vegetarian since 2010.


Additionally, I indulge in a love for coffee (typically iced, always strong), plants, crystals, making things with my hands and as much as I thrive in the sunshine, I am quite the night owl. 


Grounded in the belief of energy, manifestation, and affirmations, tied with practices of accountability, motivation, and discipline, I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to connect with you on your health and fitness journey. ♥️

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